Chic, simple and unique: Three words that best describes the home of New York-based Interior Designer, Victoria Lee Jones. We visited the designer in her spacious 2-bedroom Brooklyn, New York apartment to discuss her interior design and event planning business Victoria Lee Design, a quick home tour, how she brought the vision for her own home to life on a tight budget, and her tips for designing the home that feels beautiful to you.

What inspired you to start Victoria Lee Design?

The creative arts have always been a part of my life especially from being a photographer for over 10 years and starting my career in the fashion magazine/PR industry. Before I had a dime.

Pillows from Century 21. Click image to shop!

Tell us about the inspiration and décor of your own home?

I really wanted my home to reflect who I am as a person. I focused more on glamorous, chic décor inspiration. I’ve always loved more of the classic colors. The majority of my home contains the colors black and white with a pop of different metallic colors. In the beginning, I fell in love with black-striped walls and chandeliers. I would definitely say those two design components really drove my entire décor.

Any challenges you faced when decorating your apartment and how did you overcome?

I faced the issue of trying to make each room similar, but different at the same time. It’s so difficult to do this especially when you seem to be drawn to only one specific color. Also, I ran into the financial issue. I would find so many different pieces of furniture and come up with ideas, but I was unable to afford it. These challenges were actually very exciting for me. I was able to overcome them both with extensive research.

I looked through many different themes and ideas, then combined décor ideas which were never done before. Also, I took a bit longer before purchasing items. For example, I was obsessed with finding mirrored furniture but I really didn’t want to spend $400 on a coffee table. I was able to find mine for under $100 and it looks just as expensive.

ikea vilmar chair

Chairs and mirror from Ikea, click image to shop!

What kind of problems do you want to help your clients solve?

I want my clients to become more in tune with themselves and what they want. A lot of my clients come to me as either overwhelmed or confused. I really enjoy helping them put a vision together and giving them exactly what they want especially when they don’t even know how to tell me.

I want my clients to become more in tune with themselves and what they want.

What’s the most rewarding part of your interior design process?

The most rewarding part is being able to bring the entire vision together. After weeks or months of planning, researching, adding up and dreaming about the décor, I can finally put all of the pieces together. The overjoyed look on my clients’ faces and the compliments following afterwards make me feel so whole. After the success of every project, it helps me realize how I am truly meant to be an interior designer. I know I am not just giving my clients an improved space, I am giving them a place reflecting who they are inside.

What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

IKEA is my number one place. Also, I love going to Home Goods & TJ Maxx. I am all about affordability and these places accommodate those who would like to spend less for more quality. I fell in love with IKEA because I can always make items into something more customized for my clients. When I walk into Home Goods & TJ Maxx, I adore the element of surprise. I have no idea what is in the store when I walk in.

Victoria turned one of the bedrooms in her apartment into a walk-in closet for her clothing and business supplies.

Do you have a favorite room you like to design and why?

I wish I had only one favorite room. I love to design dining rooms and living rooms. I believe it may be because we spend most of our time in these rooms. When people are coming to visit, they are in these rooms more than any other room. I don’t only want to design for my clients, but I think about the impression from their guests who walk in.

black and white bedroom design with a pop of metallic.

Simple with a pop of metallic. Victoria painted her mirror a rose gold metallic hue to add a pop of color to her black and white room.

What are some helpful tips that readers/prospective clients can take from you when it comes to designing a home they love?

My brand truly believes you should embrace who you are to put together your space. I believe people can get caught in between what other people have, what they need and what they want in a space. A mirrored coffee table may be what you want, but it doesn’t grasp your family’s needs. I would focus on what is needed and functional. Afterwards, you can look at what type of décor themes you love the most. Finally, I would say you can put it all together. What is functional but stylish for my home and family?

View more of Victoria’s home here:

Credits: Photography by Alyssa Francois

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  • Kennia Bee

    Wow! I can’t believe this was all done on a budget! So good to know I’m not doomed because I’m not rich! Wonderful article!!!

    • Isn’t it amazing?! Hope it inspires to create the home you want with your budget! Thanks for reading!