Just about everyone has Cuba on their list of places to visit ever since the travel ban has be lifted. We don’t blame you! The Caribbean island has lots to offer. Besides the great food and the culture, the pastel houses and Spanish-colonial architecture alone are enough to win your heart.

To get the inside scoop about traveling to Cuba and for some recommendations on the best places to eat, stay and see, we tapped style blogger, Khalia Harrison of The Coveted K to give us a hand. Below, this avid traveler unfolds her experience in Havana, Cuba and more from her recent trip.


Havana, Cuba Travel Guide

cuba buildings

Image credit: Khalia Harrison

On Cuban architecture:

While sightseeing for three hours I noticed each street had a plethora of buildings vibrantly painted with very detailed architecture. Chiseled landscape balconies that unveiled the unorthodox beauty of their dilapidated dwellings, eccentric yet oddly placed staircases, and beautiful vintage cars lining the sidewalks that I instantly became obsessed with and couldn’t wait to ride around while touring the city.

Where to Stay in Cuba

Decide whether you want a hotel or apartment experience. If you’re the type that wants the true experience and live like a local during your stay go for the apartment. Do note that you should bring toiletries with you. On the other hand, you can stay at a hotel that provides food and toiletries readily available at all times. I’d recommend the Saratoga or Parque Central in centre Habana Vieja which is all in Old Havana.

Where to Eat In Cuba

cuba cafe interior

Image credit: Khalia Harrison

Café Arcángel – This is the cutest breakfast spot on 57 Concordia Street connected to the Heartbreak hotel. The breakfast is unbelievably inexpensive. I recommend the arcangel platter which included coffee, eggs, ham, fruit salad, fresh fruit juice, and toast with butter and jam.

Paladar La Gaurida – This  restaurant has a beautiful steep spiraling marble staircase, leading to indoor and outdoor seating for dining, and a lively bar.

Things To Do In Cuba

1. You can’t go to Cuba and not ride in a classic car! Head to the Hotel Nacional or the Parque Central, and you’ll see dozens of classic cars all lined up. Choose which one you want and negotiate a price. You can also negotiate to have them drive your around for a tour if you’d like.

cuba cars

Image credit: Khalia Harrison

2. Explore your neighborhood and go into town! By recommendation of our Canadian neighbor in our apartment building, we came upon the lovely Cafe Arcangel which was a morning staple before we started our day. He also recommended we have dinner at Casa Cantabria which had a long wait time but was absolutely delicious and well worth the wait!

3. Take salsa lessons! Head over to Casa del Tango to learn salsa dance steps and get your dance on at Hotel Floridita to show them what you learned.

cuba floridita

Image credit: Khalia Harrison

Know before you go:

  • Purchase a visa.
  • Don’t drink the tap water.
  • Pack toiletries!
  • Exchange your US dollars to Euros and then Euros to CUCs

streets of cuba

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We hope this travel guide helps you plan your trip to Cuba! Next up, a guide to Haiti with Evelyn of HerNeckOfTheWoods.com