After connecting with Cheree Vogt and learning that her business holds a similar mantra to ours we immediately had to know more. The Canadian-based lead design consultant at Allegra Design Studio is committed to creating inspiring and functional spaces where her clients feel truly at home. This is something we are truly advocates of.

We chatted with Cheree to find out how her business came to be, what drives her to create the beautiful visions her clients have in mind (while solving their interior design problems), and, she’s dropping a few gems about how you, too, can live life beautifully. Read on to get to know Cheree and Allegra Design Studio some more.

allegra design studio

Photo credit: Jocelyn Broesky Photography for Allegra Design Studio

Why she started her Interior Design Firm, Allegra Design Studio:

It’s been a bit of a journey for me. I’ve always loved creating beautiful spaces. After spending over ten years as a stay at home, homeschooling mom, we decided to send our girls to school. Suddenly I had the option of pursuing a career. My husband and I began discussing options like hairdressing or opening a B&B.

It was funny though; no matter what profession I considered, I got lost in how to make the space beautiful. If it were hairdressing, I spent hours planning how I could make my new salon space beautiful. When I thought about starting a B&B, I focused on how to decorate my home for maximum hospitality and comfort. I couldn’t get away from my love of design.

Finally one day I came across a cute sign that read: “What you do in your free time, you should be doing professionally” That’s when it hit me. Design is for me! THAT’s what I adore doing in my free time! I’ve pursued it since, and have loved every second of it.

How she works with her clients:

First, I aim to help my clients create a space that not only reflects who they are but that speaks to them as they live in their day-to-day lives. Our surroundings and the way they are designed evoke emotions in us – the colors, lighting, layout, even the textures – all help create a feeling.

What we want to achieve in our home will be different for everyone, but the process to achieve that is the same, and that is what I use to bring my clients dreams into reality. This is why defining how you want to feel in your space is where I start. It gives us clarity on every other choice in the process.

The core ‘problem’ I help my clients solve though, is the “why”. Teaching clients the why in each decision helps them become more aware and at ease with committing to each choice. Ultimately, my goal is to help them clarify how they want to feel in their space and then help them make choices to achieve that. It will also give them the ability to find pieces in the future that will be in harmony with their spaces.

“The core ‘problem’ I help my clients solve though, is the “why”. Teaching clients the why in each decision helps them become more aware and at ease with committing to each choice.”

allegra design studio tablescape

Tablescape goals! Photo Credit: Allegra Design Studio

The parts of her interior design process that brings joy:

There are so many parts of the process that bring me satisfaction and joy! I think the most rewarding would have to be when I see my client in love with a decision we have made. Whether it be the perfect paint color, a lighting fixture, a floor plan, or even an inspiration board they really connect with, I adore seeing their excitement. Their satisfaction motivates me to continue creating beautiful spaces.

Her favorite home décor shops:

I like to shop in some pretty basic stores. My frequent go-to’s include Home Sense, Bouclair, Winners, and Ikea (I live in Canada but the state-side options would be Gordman’s, Hobby Lobby and Target). If I’m sourcing online I’ve really come to appreciate Wayfair (I know it’s the ‘designers’ nemesis) as well as Joss & Main. Serena & Lily is fabulous also. I love originality and enjoy finding hard-to-find pieces or pieces people don’t recognize. That is the fun of curating, and that is what will set your space apart from the rest.

On the types of rooms she loves to create:

My favorite space to design is one with a story or purpose; something beautiful, but for real life.

One client, for example, had a big heart for hospitality, and a small house for hosting. The couple was highly relational and wanted people to feel instantly welcome as soon as they entered their home. Together, we created something fantastic and unique. The open entrance required an add –on, transforming an awkward space into a spectacular feature, and mixing light, color, texture, and shape to create a grand-yet-cozy entrance that, in the words of the owners, makes people feel like ‘there’s room for me’ in their family.

allegra design studio black door entry way

One of Cheree’s many interior design projects. Photo credit: Jocelyn Broesky Photography for Allegra Design Studio

The meaning behind her brand’s mantra, Live Life Beautifully: 

Live Life Beautifully is our mantra! Beauty is about an amazing experience — about inspiration and empowerment, and bringing joy and beauty into our homes and lives. I’m passionate about living life well with those we love.

The greatest advice I can think to give about living life beautifully is to draw you through the process as I do with my clients.

Cheree will be back with her top interior design tips! In the meantime, visit Cheree over at and follow her on Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to check out our interview with Tiina Wilen of Elce Living and learn how you can decorate like a pro!

Lead image shot by: Jocelyn Broesky Photography